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Do you limit how much good you receive? Lots of people (women in particular) do this without even knowing it. 

We shy away from compliments, 

Over give to others without welcoming anything for ourselves, 

Forget to eat, 

Turn down help…

We get stuck in the stories that tell us that who we are is not enough to receive all that we want without “doing more” and endlessly being in service to others. 

I have a question for you…

What about being in service to yourself? 

What if your own needs and desires started to carry importance? 

This moment has an invitation for you…

An invitation to receive all that is here for you…

An invitation to go deeper into your soul…

An invitation to allow the Universe to pierce you with her beauty and magic in a way that you haven’t allowed her to before. 

This moment is a miracle if you let her be. 

The first step is learning to receive MORE of what is sacred, beautiful, and meant for you. 

RECEIVERSHIP - The art of subtly receiving more through pleasure and prayer.  Let this be your invitation to receive more of what you desire. 

Will you allow it in? 

This is masterclass will teach you how to increase your Upper Limit for: 

  1. Pleasure in your body 
  2. Heightened experiences in the day-to-day 
  3. Experiencing deeper reverence with your own body
  4. Seeing the divine around you in all the ways 
  5. Connecting with Spirit 
  6. Receiving compliments to feel divine in your being 

When you unconsciously block things from your daily experience, you limit the beauty and pleasure that you are able to receive. Let’s expand your ability to deeply receive so that you can walk through this life with an expanded sense of abundance. 


September 1st

10:00 - 11:30am PST