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1:1 Sacred Pelvic Care Immersive (3-hours)


A bodywork ceremony to support your whole body, pelvis, womb, yoni, and spirit. 

Each one of us has a different past, which means how we move into the future must be equally as unique and personal. 

Doctors, Western medicine, the typical world of wellness and self-care teach us particular ways to get better - but they don't allow us to take personal paths inwards to see what's really going on within. 

In most of the world we treat symptoms rather than healing pain, and there is no exploration, only prescription - and I want to offer you more. 

Inside my 1:1 Sacred Sessions, I give you an immersive healing experience that encompasses 25+ years of teaching and training. 

These sessions incorporate bodywork, breathwork, movement, meditation, prayer, ceremony & ancient rituals that will not only relieve you of your current suffering - but empower you to become your own healer for many seasons to come. 

This work is not a "one size fits all" approach to healing, it's a "what do you need in this moment" experience. It's not something you "do once" - it's a change that you embody forever. 

What is a Sacred Session? 

It's an in-person or online healing session that invites you to explore & release tension, trauma & experiences that are being held & trapped in your body. 

It's a reclamation back to the true Essence of you, a deep remembrance of your own wisdom, power & peace. 

It's a homecoming to your natural (pain-free) state of joy, pleasure, nourishment & intimacy. 

It's an initiation into the full embodiment of your medicine, your magic & your power. 

We explore any physical, emotional, or spiritual imbalances that may be held in your pelvic space in order to relieve the root cause of any symptoms, pain, discomfort, or disconnection you are experiencing.

It's a space for you to be held, seen & witnessed in your healing and to ushered towards more of what you desire.

Each Immersive Experience is customized for your needs and desires, and includes:

  • Detailed Intake: to gather your health history, womb story, and personal desires
  • Anatomy and body-literacy teachings
  • Guided embodiment practices, movement, breathwork, meditation, rituals, & more.
  • Hands-on bodywork and energy clearing
  • Resources for continued at-home care and integration

Some of the benefits of a Sacred Session:

  • Resolve imbalances in the pelvic bowl
  • Provide relief from prolapse
  • Soothe pelvic ain
  • Alleviate postpartum muscle imbalances
  • Relieve incontinence
  • Increase libido
  • Assuage general discomfort
  • Enhance sexual pleasure

Are you ready to experience true healing in a way that will change the way you experience your life?