I know what it’s like to feel lost, alone and disconnected from your Wild Power — and I’m here to make sure you never feel that way again.

I created Root Medicine Healing so women and gender-diverse folks can be fully supported on their journey to step into their Wild Power and reclaim their Womb Space.




I live a simple life connected to the Elements on a small island in the Pacific Northwest with my daughter, Sol, my husband, Bernard, and my two Alaskan Malamutes.

I am a yoga teacher, pelvic health therapist, traditional medicine healer, and somatic sex educator. I live a thriving life after cancer, am a caring mother, a tender lover, a daily forest hiker, a devoted sunset watcher, an adventurous Sagittarius, an avid reader, a passionate teacher, a dedicated student, and a lover of handmade bean-to-bar dark chocolate.

I am a white, cisgendered woman with Swiss & Norwegian roots, living on the Native land of the Coast Salish people. My practice is all-inclusive, supporting and honoring the identities of all. 


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suzi zobrist kneels on a blanket in the forest while conducting a spiritual ceremony

Your womb is sacred and powerful, holding ancient wisdom just waiting to be tapped into. Sadly, it has been shrouded by Western medicine and patriarchy for far too long.

Now is your time to reclaim the autonomy and Wild Power you have within your Womb Space, and take healing into your own, wise hands.

Still, while that ancient inner knowledge is innate within your Spirit, it can be hard to tap into when you’re tangled up in complex pain and trauma. More importantly, the knot you’re trying to untangle is unique and specific to you, so it’s virtually impossible to find a perfect answer just by browsing the internet, checking a couple books out from the library, or even talking with others in similar situations.

In order to heal yourself, you need to forge your own path.

All of my offerings are built on this foundation: an approach to healing that empowers you to reclaim your inner wisdom and become your own Healer. I act as a well of knowledge, support, and guidance, and I invite you to sip from those waters so that you, too, may feel the power of stepping into alignment with what your spirit needs.

In my eyes, the day you don’t need me anymore is the day I’ve achieved my purpose. Are you ready to become your own Healer?


My Origin Story & How I Learned to Breathe into My Vagina


 When I was 30-years-old, I lost my womb to ovarian cancer. I was trying to get pregnant, but instead of the miracle of life, I received a complete hysterectomy. I was left with a huge scar on my belly, Jeckle and Hyde hormone fluctuations, and so much grief that I couldn’t even touch my lower belly for the longest time.

Sometime later, while attending a Yoga Teacher Training, I was asked to “Breathe into your vagina!”

Ahh… what?!

In that moment I realized: I have no idea how to breathe into my vagina!

I discovered I was completely disconnected from my pelvis and had no idea how to access this place of my power and pleasure.

My quest for healing revealed how disconnected many of us are from the Wild Power we hold in our Womb Space, but I also discovered that the healing is within us and available to us if we have the right resources, support, and encouragement to access it.

suzi zobrist sits cross legged on the ground with rocks in the background while holding a shell in her hands and looking off into the distance

I Learned to Turn Myself on Again & Reclaim My Womb Wisdom


My womb healing journey led me to many incredible Healers and Doctors who guided and supported me through the many layers of physical, emotional, energetic, & spiritual pain and helped me access my own healing power and awaken my womb wisdom.

I studied massage therapy, sexological bodywork, scar tissue remediation, traditional Ceremonial practices, pelvic floor physical therapy, holistic pelvic care, postpartum care, yoni steaming, womb massage, and more. I learned to turn myself on again and reclaim my Womb Space. 

I am dedicated to providing these womb healing resources for women and gender-diverse folks so they can access their own healing. I hope to guide you through a transformation as profound as the one I experienced, to help you reclaim your Wild Power, your Pleasure, your Womb Space, and be your own Healer.

Healing from cancer challenged my life and taught me the deepest level of strength, resilience, self-belief and healing I have ever known. This journey brought me to you, to support you along your healing path. Let's get started!



The 5 Pillars of Root Medicine Healing


We are committed to honoring the Sacred within every living being and all the Elements of Nature. We believe in something bigger than ourselves to heal, always tuning into Mother Earth and giving thanks for life throughout the journey. This is the foundation of everything we do.

We support and respect the identities of absolutely everyone we cross paths with. Root Medicine creates a safe space for women and gender-diverse folks, with a strong focus on using accessible and inclusive language. 

Our knowledge is our power. We believe knowledge knows no confines, and rely on information and skills acquired through experience or education, be it a theoretical or practical understanding of the subject. Our approach to healing blends empowered education with tapping into your innate wisdom & intuition to build your knowledge.

Connection sustains every relationship in the Root Medicine community. We are committed to building a circle of trust, belonging, encouragement and support, creating fertile ground for you to reconnect with yourself, others, and Mother Nature.

Healing isn’t a one and done job. We empower you to embark on a healing journey that will provide you life-long vitality and empowerment. Self-care always comes first and we share the tools for you to pursue and maintain your continued wellbeing.






  • Licensed Massage Therapist, State of Washington (Lic. #MA60853632)
  • Certified STREAM Practitioner (Scar Tissue Remediation Education & Management), Dr. Ellen Heed & Kimberly Ann Johnson
  • Visionary Craniosacral Therapist, Hugh Milne @Milne Institute
  • Certified Breast Care & Breast Massage, Aubrey Lesicki, LMT



  • Certified Prajna Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 500 hour
  • Certified SATYA Teacher (Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga Attunement)
  • Pelvic Floor Yoga Teacher Training, Leslie Howard



  • Traditional Healing Apprenticeship (2010-current)


  • Holistic Pelvic Care™ & Pelvic Energy™, Tami Lynn Kent
  • Advanced Women's Pelvic Floor Professional Bodywork, Martin Beaudoin
  • Vaginal Steam Facilitator, Keli Garza @Steamy Chick of Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute
  • Abdominal Massage for Womb Care, Barbara Loomis, LMT



  • Certified INNATE Traditions Postpartum Care, Rachelle Garcia Seliga
  • Certified Holistic Doula & Birthkeeper, Whapio of The Matrona
  • Certified Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body, Lynn Schulte, Institute of Birth Healing
  • Full Spectrum Pregnancy Loss, Molly Dutton-Kenny



  • Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers (ACSB)




“Suzi offered me the extraordinary gift of listening and responding with her whole self – heart, mind, spirit and hands – to the pain that had resulted in physical constriction and cancer in my womb. Through skillful and nurturing touch she helped me reinhabit my body. Her gentle and generous teaching helped me to make some significant lifestyle changes. Her deep listening and her prayer, rooted in indigenous, earth-centered traditions, were a healing balm for my soul, enabling me to release emotional pain and physical constriction. All of this helped me find a centered, loving, and aware place from which to head into the surgery that removed the cancer, and to thrive through recovery.”

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