You are a fierce and untamed force, a wild woman transcending into the zenith of her power.

The present moment is a call for you to courageously seize back the depth of your being, to unleash the full symphony of your essence and embody the entirety of your unapologetic truth.


Embrace Your Evolution

If you've been feeling lost amidst the changes of perimenopause and menopause, this is an opportunity to embrace your transformation and navigate this initiatory time of life with grace and tender self-love.

Rediscover Your Inner Fire

The time has come to reignite the spark within you ‚Äď that wild power that may have dimmed but is waiting to blaze anew.

Emerge Stronger

Leave behind the uncertainty and self-doubt that have held you back. It's time to emerge as a woman of unwavering strength, rooted in your truth. A wholeness awaits, are you ready to meet it?

Inside This SISTER COUNCIL You Will...

With Your Body

Bid farewell to the disconnection you've felt. Through tailored practices and support, you'll learn to inhabit your body fully and embrace its changes with great love and acceptance.

Your Truth

No more masking your desires or suppressing your needs. This is a space where you'll uncover your authentic truth, allowing it to guide you forward.

Your Power

The power that you've yearned for resides within you. With the guidance of a mentor and the collective energy of the sister council, you'll step into your power like never before. This moment marks a turning point in your life - a rites of passage that defines your story. 

Join the Reunion of Self

The Reunion Sister Council invites you to embark on a transformative journey that transcends the boundaries of time. From the essence of your soul to the depths of your physical experiences, this is an opportunity for profound growth and reclamation of all of you.

Dear Seeker of the Extraordinary,

In the midst of life's changes, there exists an untamed power within you ‚Äď a power that is waiting to be rediscovered and embraced. The Reunion¬†Sister Council is your invitation to uncover the raw strength that resides at the core of your being.¬†

Why You Desire the Reunion SISTER COUNCIL


  • Reclaim Your Connection: If you've been feeling disconnected from yourself, your body, and your inner power, this¬†sister council¬†offers the tools and support to help you come back to your true self and wild feminine.¬†
  • Navigate Change Confidently:¬†Perimenopause and menopause can be overwhelming, but in this sister council, you'll gain the wisdom and empowerment needed to navigate these transitions with grace.
  • Embrace Self-Care: You are worthy of self-care that goes beyond the surface. The Reunion¬†Sister Council empowers you to prioritize your well-being - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.¬†
  • Find Your Voice: If you've been longing to express your needs, desires, and truths, this¬†sister council provides a safe space to develop your authentic voice and communicate with confidence.
  • Heal from Within: The Reunion¬†Sister Council is a sacred sanctuary for healing, where you can address past wounds and emerge stronger, ready to face the future with renewed energy.
  • Join a Supportive Community: Connect with a community of like-minded women who understand your journey, providing a network of support, understanding, and celebration.
  • Awaken Your Inner Power: Unleash the wild power that resides within you. Through guided practices and mentorship, you'll tap into your innate strength as a woman and embody your highest potential.
  • Reignite Passion Within your Womb and Woman: Rediscover your passions, desires, and dreams that may have been put on hold through previous seasons of your life. This¬†sister council helps you reconnect with your womb to reawaken what sets your soul on fire.
  • Step into Your Spotlight: Leave behind feelings of invisibility and step confidently into the spotlight of your own life, embracing your uniqueness and worth.
Celebrate Your Journey

This is a celebration of you ‚Äď your journey, your wisdom, and your limitless potential. Together, we'll navigate the ebbs and flows of perimenopause and menopause, transforming the transition into a tapestry of empowerment.

Ignite Your Inner Connection

Have you neglected your own desires for too long? It's time to reignite the flame of connection with your soul, body, and truth. Within the Reunion Sister Council, I will guide you towards nurturing these neglected aspects, reigniting your passion, and awakening your inner power.

Empower Your Authentic Voice

Your voice deserves to be heard ‚Äď by others and by yourself. In the Reunion Sister Council, we empower you to embrace self-expression and self-care. Uncover the strength of your authentic voice as you learn to speak to yourself with kindness and amplify your dreams.

Step Boldly into Your Spotlight

Bid farewell to feeling invisible or silenced. The Reunion Sister Council introduces you to a sisterhood of kindred spirits who see your journey, understand your struggles, and celebrate your triumphs. Step boldly into the spotlight of your life, embracing your unique narrative with newfound confidence.

A Sanctuary for Healing and Growth

Your past is part of your story, but it doesn't define your future. The Reunion Sister Council provides a sacred sanctuary for healing old wounds, granting you the freedom to embrace the present and future with unshakable strength and empowerment.

Embark on an Intimate Journey

Your journey of soul-self-discovery begins here. Through deep mentorship, you'll embark on an intimate journey of self-reclamation. Peel back the layers of your true self, cultivating a profound connection that will infuse power into every facet of your life.

Join Us in Your Reclamation


The Reunion Sister Council isn't just a program; it's a testament to your resilience and vitality. Are you ready to wholeheartedly love yourself, boldly honor your needs, and step into the next chapter of your life with an unwavering sense of purpose? Your soul reclamation starts with a single, empowering step.


Secure Your Spot for Reunion

Claim your place within the Reunion Sister Council, a council of just 13 women who are courageously embracing their perimenopause and menopause journeys. Your wild power is awaiting its reclamation.


Unleash Your Potential in the Reunion Sister Council

Seize the opportunity to move through a rites of passage that will forever transform your perception of self. Welcome to a sacred initiation through perimenopause and menopause.

The Reunion Sister Council invites you to reclaim your wild power, honor your truth, and connect with a sacred community of women who uplift and understand you.


You are a wild woman saging into her power, and you feel that now is the time for you to boldly reclaim the multifaceted essence of yourself and express the entirety of who you are. 

Are you prepared to take the initial step towards the reclamation of your wild power? 

 Join the Reunion Sister Council and begin your initiation.

We begin on January 22nd.

*This Council is for 13 women.


‚úĒÔłŹ 3¬†sister council calls per month

‚úĒÔłŹ 1 devotional ceremony per month

‚úĒÔłŹ Weekly group voxer coaching day


3 month Sister Council


We begin in January 2024.

Exact date to be determined.


Thursdays @ 10:00am PST

Weekly Group Voxer on Mondays

Pay from the Heart:

We are offering a ‚Äėpay from the heart‚Äô tiered payment system, allowing each participant to consider their financial access when joining, and making way for those who may need extra support.



Sacred Pelvic Care + Ceremonial Bodywork + Feminine Rites of Passage

Suzi was initiated into Sacred Pelvic Care after suddenly losing her womb to ovarian cancer at age 30. A radical hysterectomy left her feeling numb in her body, disconnected from her pelvic space, and longing to awaken her feminine senses again. 

After years of feeling removed from pleasure and living out of alignment with her femininity - Suzi worked with spiritual mentors, bodyworkers, ancient medicine & prayer to reawaken her divine inner wisdom.

So began Suzi’s journey to reclaim the art of healing the female body through sacred pelvic care, ceremonial body work & honoring feminine rites of passages. 

Decades into her work, Suzi is a sought after Medicine Woman offering healing sessions online and in-person in her home Temple space. She brings an extensive education, experience, and knowledge of yoga, bodywork, breathwork, ritual, sexuality & ceremony into her work. 

Every session with Suzi will guide you on a deep devotional healing journey back to the power & truth of your sacred Self - pelvis, womb, yoni, & Spirit.

Suzi is a clear voice for whole body healing and is a long-time advocate and educator of women’s pelvic health and womb care to support physical, spiritual, mental & emotional healing for women. She facilitates feminine rites of passage & rituals to honor the cycles & seasons of life and holds deep reverence for Nature & the Elements.

Suzi leads high-touch curated in-person Immersive Experiences, Retreats, & Ceremonial Bodywork on Orcas Island, WA. (Or your chosen location.) She also offers intimate 1:1 Mentorship, and online trainings & courses.

You can follow Suzi on Instagram @suzizobrist


We are offering a ‚Äėpay from the heart‚Äô tiered payment system, allowing each participant to consider their financial access when joining, and making way for those who may need extra support.


*This Council is for 13 women.




This option is for you if joining the Council at the full/regular price is not reasonably financially attainable currently, but the discount makes it doable.



Or 3-payments of $366/month


Pay in Full




This option is for you if joining the Council is reasonably financially attainable.



Or 3-payments of $488/month



Pay in Full





This option is for you if joining the Council is comfortably financially attainable, and you can afford to pay-it-forward.



Or 3-payments of $644/month 


Pay in Full
Payment Plan
Payment Plan
Payment Plan



Add 3 one-to-one Mentorship sessions (1 hour each) with Suzi for an additional $1,111.


Still feeling uncertain?

Schedule a 30 minute exploration call, so we can see if this is the right fit for you.