With Suzi Zobrist, Spiritual Mentor for Feminine Rites & Rituals

A new cycle begins.
The swell of Spring rises.
The womb of the Earth is burgeoning with new life.
It is time to bless our Holy waters and receive from the well of remembrance.


The Chalice will guide you through...


A Water Blessing to honor the Holy waters of the Earth, and the sacred waters that flow within you.


A Womb Clearing to cleanse & purify your sacred vessel to receive & hold your creations.


A Womb Activation to amplify your intentions and prayers.


A Gratitude Prayer to give Thanks for the abundance of your life.



Upon registration you will get immediate access to the replay.


May The Chalice hold our prayers and amplify our intentions for this next season.


May our wombs be fruitful and activated with the seeds of possibility. 


May our waters be brilliant, pure, and crystalline.


May we be held by the Sacred, the Holy, the Divine.


xo Suzi



Sacred Pelvic Care + Ceremonial Bodywork + Feminine Rites of Passage

Suzi was initiated into Sacred Pelvic Care after suddenly losing her womb to ovarian cancer at age 30. A radical hysterectomy left her feeling numb in her body, disconnected from her pelvic space, and longing to awaken her feminine senses again. 

After years of feeling removed from pleasure and living out of alignment with her femininity - Suzi worked with spiritual mentors, bodyworkers, ancient medicine & prayer to reawaken her divine inner wisdom.

So began Suzi’s journey to reclaim the art of healing the female body through sacred pelvic care, ceremonial body work & honoring feminine rites of passages. 

Decades into her work, Suzi is a sought after Medicine Woman offering healing sessions online and in-person in her home Temple space. She brings an extensive education, experience, and knowledge of yoga, bodywork, breathwork, ritual, sexuality & ceremony into her work. 

Every session with Suzi will guide you on a deep devotional healing journey back to the power & truth of your sacred Self - pelvis, womb, yoni, & Spirit.

Suzi is a clear voice for whole body healing and is a long-time advocate & educator of women’s pelvic health and womb care to support physical, spiritual, mental & emotional healing for women. She facilitates feminine rites of passage & rituals to honor the cycles & seasons of life and holds deep reverence for Nature & the Elements.

Suzi leads high-touch curated in-person Immersive Experiences, Retreats, & Ceremonial Bodywork on Orcas Island, WA. (Or your chosen location.) She also offers intimate 1:1 Mentorship, & online trainings & courses.